Lavendar & Doves, LLC did a great job on my wedding this past summer.  Tina was very prepared, kept me grounded even during little hiccups and I can't thank her enough for the bag of tricks that got me throw a sweating spell right before my ceremony started.  I must have been very nervous because I never perspire.  Her ability to remain calm and talk me through unforeseen events was imperative.  Her presence was priceless and essential in making my wedding day memorable and beautiful.  She was very kind and always cheerful which made her seem more like a close family member rather than just a coordinator.  She was very resourceful in terms of etiquette and ways to save money but at the same time appear as if you pulled out all the stops.  She was also very good at keeping my husband and I on schedule and task throughout the entire ceremony and reception.  This allowed us to get in all of the special moments that we wanted to on our special day.  I would highly recommend her services.


Truly Appreciative and Thankful,


Mrs. Sheard-Reid